"Shocking Early Works Vol. I"
(BuFMS 2013)
1. The Only Way is Down
2. Swelling Admiration (early version)
3. Sex Bomb
BuFMS 47
Released on vinyl in 2013
Available via BuFMS
previously available on the Live in Chico cassette.

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar, vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass, vocals
Tim Smyth - guitar
Toni Smith - percussion

Recorded in Chico, March 5, 1985 at Mystery Palmz, January 1985 at Larry's living room, and March 22, 1985 at Graffitti Club.
Liner notes by Lindy Lettuce from Chicohell #1, 1985

Track 1 written by Crane, Rowland, Thrasher.
Track 2 written by Rowland, Thrasher
Track 3 written by Will Shatter
1 and 2 published by Spenching Music, BMI, Copyright 1985<

Back cover artwork

Inner Label

"Here's some background on this release: This strange fellow, Seymour Glass, has been haunting the Vomit Launch tale for many moons. Despite the fact that the band has not had a release for 20 years, he came up with the brilliant idea of pressing up a 7-inch of some of the rawest, earliest recordings and also convinced the band that this was a good idea. Who knows what value he sees in this release. The Mystery Palmz was VL's first "club" gig after playing some house parties. We kept playing and the club turned off the power. The show was probably taped by house soundguy Johnny Rodriguez off the mixing board. Everyone did that back then. He was a decent dude. This early version of "Swelling Admiration" doesn't feature the signature Steve Bragg drum part which he brought to the song, nor the simple lick that John McKinley added months later. Instead it has the worst drum pattern that one of the ladies programmed and a 2 note riff. But the words, ah the words... You know. "Sex Bomb" was staple of early shows and Flipper, a fine group from SF, were divine inspiration. VL's own "Life Sucks" was stolen from their canon, and the spirit of Flipper imbued everything VL did in one way or another. All these tracks were lifted from "Live in Chico", a prematurely passed out tape of early songs I made in 1985. We may have sold a couple but better judgement pulled it from our catalog soon after." -LC