Live In Chico
(Rat Box 1985)
1. Theme Song
2. The Man Whose Head Expanded
3. Paint It Black
4. The Only Way Is Down
5. Don't Ask Questions
6. Medley
7. She's Lost Control
8. Answering Machine
9. You Killed My Love
10. Paint It Jam
11. Swelling Admiration
12. Ha Ha Ha/Sex Bomb
Released on Compact Cassette in 1985

Patricia Rowland - vocals/casio
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass/vocals
John McKinley - drums

Tim Smyth - guitar, Toni Smith - percussion

Recorded live at the Ping Pong Palace, 4/17/85 (the cassette insert inaccurately lists 4/4/) - The Palmz, 3/5/85, The Graffiti Club, 3/22/85 - rehearsal 2/85

"If there was anything in this discography I considered not presenting, it was this cassette. But then I thought about it, and the chances of anyone owning a copy are so slim - it's not like anyone will ever get to listen to it and we're not about to post it online. It's some pretty rough, funny, lame, silly stuff - and the cover songs (The Fall, Joy Division, Rolling Stones, Flipper and Replacements) are pretty odd as we generally wrote our own music for those. At least this tape didn't have the lamentable 'Jah Lives at Joe's Barbeque' on it. Note that the 4/17/85 show was our opening slot for The Replacements and 28th Day, and that we had the audacity to cover the Replacements song "Answering Machine". The band were "sick" and aloof as hell, and Bob Stinson asked if I had any drugs. Wow. 28th Day were our friends and were probably irritated that we shoved our way onto the bill. I think we mostly handed these tapes out to friends in the summer of 1985. It certainly couldn't have done us any good..." -LC