(Teenbeat 1989)
1. Relapsation
2. Slits
3. Every Pretty Girl
Teenbeat No. 29
Released on vinyl in 1989 (released on Not Even Pretty+ in 1994)
Tracks available via Not Even Pretty+ for download on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar
Lawrence Crane - bass
Steve Bragg - drums

Recorded Dec. 30. 1988 at CSUC by Mike Acre onto 4-track cassette
Vocals tracked by Lawrence Crane at his home
Mixed Feb 11. 1989 by Greg Freeman at Lowdown Recording Studios, S.F.
Front cover art by Toni Smith
Back cover photo by Lindsey Thrasher
Inner label art by Patricia Rowland
Tracks 1 and 2 written by Bragg, Crane, Rowland, Thrasher
Published by Spenching Music, BMI, Copyright 1989
"Every Pretty Girl" written and copyright 1988 by Barbara Manning and published by Meown Music, BMI.
Thanks to: Mike Acre, Mark Robinson, Greg Freeman, Toni Smith.

Back cover artwork

Disc label 1

Disc label 2

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"Here's some background on this release: First of all, Mark Robinson ran Teenbeat Records in DC. I was a fan of some of his music, especially Unrest, and we were trading albums. He mentioned that he'd put out a single by Vomit Launch if we wanted. Second, we tracked these songs, along with a bunch more, as demos for what would be our third album - our first with Mad Rover Records and first working with John Baccigaluppi in the studio. When the demos came out pretty good, we decided to use a few for this 7" and then to recut them (besides 'Slits') for the next album. The Barbara Manning song was fun to play live, and kept following us around for years despite the fact that the girl it was aimed at was a pal of ours. Oh yeah, the third reason for this release is we had to have something out that year as we knew it'd be a while before we recorded and released our next album. And it did take some time..." -LC