Not Even Pretty+ CD
(Teenbeat 1994)
Not Even Pretty plus extra tracks and some singles
1. Stillness
2. Star Trekking
3. Dumpster Queen
4. Sweatbath
5. Swelling Admiration
6. Hallways
7. Beyond The Mirror
8. Turn Back
9. Up And Down
10. Knock Yourself
11. Malignant Humour
12. Relapsation
13. Slits
14. Every Pretty Girl
15. Blood On Me Eggrolls
16. Block Of Wood
17. Heart Of Darkness
18. Vertigo
19. Harm
Not Even Pretty+
Teenbeat No. 128
released on CD in 1994 via Teenbeat Records
Available on CD from Teenbeat Records.
Tracks available for download on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic

From the back cover: "This CD compiles our first LP, Not Even Pretty, with some other out-of-print and long-lost-on-purpose tracks from later years."

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals/piano (on track 3)
Lawrence Crane - bass/vocals (low guitar on track 3)
Steve Bragg - drums

John McKinley - guitar and drum machine (track 1)
Doug Roberts - cornet and trombone (track 10) and trumpet (track 11)
Phil Smoot - trumpet (track 11)

Track 1 recorded on 7" reel-to-reel and cassette by John McKinley at home - Tracks 2-10 produced and engineered by Greg Freeman - Recorded Oct-Nov 1986 at Lowdown Studios, San Francisco, CA - Tracks 3-7 and 10 remixed by Greg at Lowdown, Fall 1987 - Track 11 recorded and produced by Greg Freeman at Lowdown, Fall 1987 - Tracks 12-14 recorded on 4-track cassette by Mike Acre at CSUC, Dec. 30, 1988. Mixed by Greg Freeman at Lowdown, February 1989 - Track 15 produced and recorded by John Baccigaluppi at Enharmonik May 1989, mixed by Eric Stenman and Larry Crane May 1993 - Tracks 16-17 recorded by Jason Devore, Kevin Temple, Todd Donohoe at CSUC on 24-track, May 7, 1990, mixed May 17, 1990 by Jason and Lawrence Crane - Tracks 18-19 produced and recorded by John Baccigaluppi April-July 1991 at Enharmonik - Digital mastering, assembly and mixing by Eric Stenman and Larry Crane. Compilation initiated and handpicked by Mark Robinson. Thanks very much to Enharmonik.

Cover art by Scud Mandrill
Graphica by Teenbeat

Track Origins:
1. Stillness - Fishbutt
2. Star Trekking - Not Even Pretty
3. Dumpster Queen - Not Even Pretty
4. Sweatbath - Not Even Pretty
5. Swelling Admiration - Not Even Pretty
6. Hallways - Not Even Pretty
7. Beyond The Mirror - Not Even Pretty
8. Turn Back - Not Even Pretty
9. Up And Down - unreleased
10. Knock Yourself
11. Malignant Humour - unreleased from Exiled Sandwich
12. Relapsation -"Relapsation" 7"
13. Slits -"Relapsation" 7"
14. Every Pretty Girl -"Relapsation" 7"
15. Blood On Me Eggrolls Harm - unreleased from Mr. Spench
16. Block Of Wood - Of 7"
17. Heart Of Darkness - Of 7"
18. Vertigo - unreleased from Dogeared
19. Harm - unreleased from Dogeared

back cover

NEP+ tray

NEP+ disc

Liner notes for Not Even Pretty+ (click to enlarge)

Liner notes for Not Even Pretty+ (click to enlarge)

Liner notes for Not Even Pretty+ (click to enlarge)

"I believe Mark Robinson at Teenbeat Records and I had been talking about possibly re-releasing the long out-of-print Not Even Pretty album before Vomit Launch broke up. When it became a posthumous release, we decided to gather up the Teenbeat singles and other tracks on a CD with the first album. I'm really glad we did, as probably not many people would have had access to this music otherwise. I think Lindsey wrote the funny liner notes and I wrote the boring stuff." -LC