(Teenbeat 1990)
1. Block Of Wood
2. Heart Of Darkness
Teenbeat No. 52
Released on vinyl in 1990 (later released on Not Even Pretty+ in 1994)
Tracks available via Not Even Pretty+ for download on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass
Steve Bragg - drums

Recorded by Jason Devore, Kevin Temple, Todd Donohoe at CSUC on 24-track, May 7, 1990, mixed May 17, 1990 by Jason and Lawrence Crane
Artwork by Toni Smith
Thanks to: Mark Robinson, The Bats and Robert Scott, Pere Ubu, Jason, Kevin, Todd, Toni, Tad.

Rear cover

Disc label 1

Disc label 2

"My friend Jason Devore was in the recording arts program at CSUC, and he had a project coming up where he and some students needed to record a band. Stupidly, he asked Vomit Launch. We knew we needed another 'stopgap' release, so we planned this 'covers' 7" of a song by The Bats (excellent New Zealand group) and a classic Pere Ubu track. We also tracked a 'new' version of 'Sweatbath' (possibly for future compilation use?) and two new songs, 'Curl Up and Dye' and 'Vertigo'. We must have really been taking advantage of this situation. Somehow the recordings came out slightly muddy (Jason's gotten a lot better since then!) but the songs are kinda charming!" -LC