The Wackness - "Exit Lines"
(Director: Jonathan Levine 2008)
1. "Exit Lines"
"So the story goes like this: Kurt Haas wrote and directed a film while at the American Film Institute called Ben and Holly. Josh Noyes was the editor. He asked us if he could use some Vomit Launch songs in the film, and as it was a school project and not to be shown in public we said yes. A few years later Josh is editing a 'real' film, called The Wackness - directed by Jonathan Levine. Josh slips 'Exit Lines' from Exiled Sandwich onto a rough cut of a scene involving a woman who 'used to be in a popular band in the mid-eighties'. The director loves it, contacts Vomit Launch about using it, and now you have a 20 year old song showing up in a major film. Seemed odd to us too, but the paycheck was nice. Unfortunately Sony picked up the movie and released an 'all-Sony' soundtrack CD to go with the film. What a bunch of jerk-offs." -LC