Mr. Spench CD/LP/CS
(Rough Trade/Mad Rover 1990)
1. Vent
2. Proven Parts
3. Hospital Blunder
4. Bug Under A Magnifying Glass
5. Switch
6. Take It Outside
7. Relapsation
8. Donut Ass Me Butt
9. Pay Your Rent
10. Out Of The Way
11. Kill The Bouncer
12. Dripping Walls
13. Dog Sauce
14. Siamese Twins Visit Their Two-Headed Brother In The Hospital
Mr. Spench
MR-1901 (-1 vinyl, -2 CD, -4 cass)
Released on LP, CD and Compact Cassette in 1990
Original release on Mad Rover Records, Inc. and manufactured and distributed by Rough Trade, Inc.
Available for download on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass/guitar/vocals
Steve Bragg - drums/percussion

Produced and engineered by John Baccigaluppi
Recorded and mixed May 1989 through January 1990 at Enharmonik Recording Studios, Sacramento, California
Extra musicians: Doug Roberts (Stanky Poon) - horns, John Baccigaluppi - keyboards
Cover art by Patricia Rowland
Photo and graphics by Toni Smith (Oyez! Graphics)
Illustrations by Owen Bragg (Steve's nephew)

Thanks to: Mike Acre, John Baccigaluppi, Rich Hardesty, Barbara Manning, Doug Roberts, Toni Smith, Tad Tod, Seymour Glass, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Tim Thompson, and everyone else...

Recorded on Fostex B16 1/2" 16-track and mixed to DAT

All tracks written by Bragg, Crane, Rowland, Thrasher except "Every Pretty Girl" written and copyright 1988 by Barbara Manning and published by Meown Music, BMI.

Other songs tracked during sessions for Mr. Spench:
"Blood On Me Eggrolls" - later to appear on Not Even Pretty+

The back cover of Mr. Spench

The tray insert of Mr Spench

The liner notes of Mr Spench (click to enlarge)

The disc of Mr Spench

"When we first signed to Mad Rover Records we wanted to continue to record with Greg Freeman, with whom we were very comfortable. It turned out that Mad Rover, having an in-house recording studio with Enharmonik, was not into the idea of paying for these recording sessions elsewhere. At the time, Enharmonik was located in the basement of John Baccigaluppi's home - something that made us initially uncomfortable as his wife Maria was sometimes home upstairs and we were sure she hated our racket. Sessions went fast though, and with 16 tracks (over Greg's 8 at the time) we could play with more overdub ideas. John also had strong ideas, and gave us more direction and questioned our intent a lot more than Greg ever had. Doug Roberts' horn parts really had John skeptical, but I think we won him over on that one later! Everything seemed fine until we asked for rough mixes and received some tracks that John obviously had knocked out really fast - but we got all up in arms as they sounded nothing like we were intending. It seems pretty funny looking back, especially after recording hundreds of bands myself and still maintaining a very strong friendship and business partnership with John, but we were all bent out of shape about the sound of the rough mixes. Anyway, real mixes continued and everything went well, although I always tried to turn my bass up. In retrospect I think we put too many songs on the album. Mad Rover's pre-Rough Trade P&D people (who soon bailed on all of us) kept wanting us to be a punk band, which led to "Every Pretty Girl" and "Dog Sauce" being included - they could have been left off. With a little more focus this album probably could have been better - and that's exactly what happened next..." -LC