(Rat Box 1985)
1. In Her Darkness
2. Theme Song
3. Knock Yourself
4. You Killed My Love
5. Beyond The Mirror
6. Don't Ask Questions
7. Rat Box
8. Stillness
9. Killing The Weeds
10. Turn Back
11. Postcard
12. Every Map
13. Swelling Admiration
14. Paint It Black
15. Rat Box
Released on Compact Cassette in 1985

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass/vocals
John McKinley - drums

Tracks 1-7 recorded at On Trak Recording, Corning, California, 7/27-28/1985 by Mike Patrick
Tracks 8-15 recorded live at the Ping Pong Palace 4/4/1985 or The Palmz 11/19/85

All tracks written by Vomit Launch - lyrics to "Knock Yourself" by Chas Neilsen
Songs published by Spenching Music, BMI
Copyright 1985

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"This was really our first 'release' I suppose. A pretty odd studio session (the engineer got too drunk on wine coolers and couldn't find tracks) produced some versions of songs we'd redo later with Steve Bragg and some songs better thrown away. 'Stillness', as recorded by John and Lindsey, can be found on the Not Even Pretty+ CD. The live songs are inexcusable, and many were dropped soon after releasing this cassette. It was a different world and a different time, I guess!" -LC