Exiled Sandwich LP
(Rat Box 1988, T42 [Germany] 1989)
1. Bad Acid
2. What Cross
3. Pretty Paper
4. Scraping Willows
5. Clowns Are Whores
6. Walk Don't Walk
7. Weird Song
8. Swirly Song
9. Weight Down
10. Exit Lines
11. Wane
12. Simon Says
13. Lift
Exiled Sandwich
Rat Box Records R-BOX 003
Released on vinyl in 1988 - never released on CD
Released in Germany in 1989 by T42 Records - T42-002
Available for download on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass/guitar/vocals
Steve Bragg - drums

Produced and engineered by Greg Freeman
Recorded between September 12 and December 6, 1987, at Lowdown Studios, San Francisco, CA
Front cover art by Scud Mandrill
Back cover photo by Matt Mumper
Layout by Michael Miro

Picky instrumentation notes:
track 4, Lindsey - floor tom/cymbal/ringing guitar and Patricia - buzzing guitar
track 7, Lawrence - low/distorted guitar
track 8, Jane's toilet - flush
track 9, Phil Smoot and Doug Roberts - trumpets and Lawrence - scream vocals
track 11, Lindsey - puny backing vocals
track 12, Lindsey - stop/go vocals

All tracks written by Bragg, Crane, Rowland, Thrasher except "Weight Down" copyright 1986 by Phil Smoot/Bogdon Records
Songs published by Spenching Music, BMI
Copyright 1988
Very spenchial people:
Todd Tadd, Greg, Scud, Heidi Petersen, Doug Roberts, Phil Smoot, Michael, Chas Neilsen, Rory Cox, Steve Long & Penultimate Records, Roger Montalbano, John Larkin, John O'Neil, Trish Scearce, Mr. Spench, The Walkabouts, Idiot (the), The Whitefronts and probably someone else.

Recorded to Otari MX-5050 1/2" 8-track and mixed to 1/4" 2-track
Original vinyl mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios

Other songs tracked during sessions for Exiled Sandwich:
"Chewing Cloth" - previously unreleased, now available free on this site

The back cover of Exiled Sandwich

The insert from Exiled Sandwich (click to enlarge)

The front cover of the German Exiled Sandwich

The back cover of the German Exiled Sandwich

The gatefold of the German Exiled Sandwich

A letter from T42 (click to enlarge)

A flier for Exiled Sandwich (click to enlarge)

"So on this album Greg Freeman, disgusted with us rushing through the recording process too fast, set a flat rate of some sort and did most of the mixing alone. Smart move. He also made us substitute "Wane" for "Chewing Cloth" at the last minute. Also smart, except that "Wane" was supposed to be spelled "Wayne", as we thought the song sucked, picked on it and named it after a Gary Larson Farside comic - 'The world was going down the tubes. They needed a scapegoat. They found Wayne.' But overall the record seemed to capture the band better, and we had gotten stronger after having played with Steve for over a year. The album title refers to an event due to Happy Donuts, down the street from Lowdown Studios and The Hotel Utah. We went there for a meal before a Hotel Utah gig, and Patricia and I ordered egg salad sandwiches. We both felt kinda sick, and during our show she ran to the handy toilet off the side of the stage and, uh, purged the foul sandwich and then continued singing. I had a slip of the tongue later, and referred to the sandwiches as exiled sandwiches, and it was too funny and stuck. Scud Mandrill's fantastic cover art shares the legendary tale with all and is still one of my favorite VL covers. Good times. We printed 2500 copies of this album, as the 1000 of Not Even Pretty sold out fast. We still had boxes of these left in 1992 and I think every band member got 50 or so!
I don't recall why these German record labels kept asking to license our albums, but they did. The guy at T42 decided he wanted to put out Exiled Sandwich, but wanted some artist (who the hell was Arthur Core?) to create a new cover. If I remember correctly, that took forever. We liked Scud's work better by far. Anyway, this guy puts out the album, no one in Germany cares, and we get another letter from someone saying they will never put out records again. Sorry. What the hell did he expect?" -LC