"Life Sucks" appears on
The Thing That Ate Floyd LP/CD
(Lookout 1989)
1. Life Sucks
The Thing That Ate Floyd
Lookout Records LT0614
Released on double LP in 1988 and CD 2002
available free online here
CD available here

Patricia Rowland - vocals, viola
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar
Lawrence Crane - bass, casio
Steve Bragg - drums

Produced and engineered by Greg Freeman on Nov 29, 1988 at Lowdown Studios, San Francisco, CA
All tracks written by Bragg, Crane, Rowland, Thrasher
Songs published by Spenching Music, BMI
Copyright 1988

Vomit Launch's page in booklet (click to enlarge)

"We had played a show with The Lookouts, and their leader Lawrence Livermore was a nice guy and started this little label. We heard that they were working on a compilation album and we asked to be on it. We made a trip to the studio for one day just to track and mix this. David Hayes was dealing with this project and I remember handing a tape off to him. This would be the last recording with Greg Freeman for Vomit Launch. The song was certainly Flipper-inspired. Besides the mostly generic, boring punk rock, the album included some good bands like Neurosis, Swollen Boss Toad, The Mr. T Experience, Operation Ivy, The Lookouts and Steel Pole Bathtub." -LC