"Dumpster Queen", "Hallways" and "What Cross" appear on
Devil in the Woods #2
(DIW 1986)
1. Dumpster Queen
2. Hallways
3. What Cross
Released on Compact Cassette in 1986
Songs available free here

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar
Lawrence Crane - bass/guitar
Steve Bragg - drums

Recorded by Larry Crane and Mike Cloward 7/25-28/1986 at Gerald Tipping's shack

Cassette Insert

Booklet Inside

"For the second DIW collection Mike and I borrowed some recording gear and tracked a bunch of our friend's bands at Vomit Launch's rehearsal space. It was hot as hell in there for these sessions. Devil In the Woods was/is run by Mike Cloward of 28th Day, and he went on to do more DIW releases and even started a magazine of the same name." -LC