"Looney Tune" appears on
California's Got It #2
(Penetration Tapes 1989)
1. Looney Tune

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar
Lawrence Crane - bass
Steve Bragg - drums

Recorded Dec. 30. 1988 at CSUC by Mike Acre onto 4-track cassette
Vocals tracked by Lawrence Crane at his home and mixed there
Written by Bragg, Crane, Rowland, Thrasher
Published by Spenching Music, BMI, Copyright 1989


"From the demo sessions that produced the 'Relapsation' 7". People would ask for songs for 'cassette compilations' - but these were people we'd never heard of. We had some leftover songs so I'd send those and a few months later someone would mail us one cassette, usually with horrible artwork (this release was typed out by hand for each copy) and no real information on it. This is one of those totally pointless releases." -LC