"Hence the Box" appears on
Live From the Afterworld-Recordings at the Afterworld Lounge 1991-1993 LP
(Electro Motive 2000)
1. Hence The Box
released as double LP on Electro Motive Records
Free download available here
Vomit Launch recorded live 7/10/92 at this club in Oakland by Peter Conheim

Back cover


Letter from Peter (click to enlarge)

"Also on this double LP compilation (recorded live at the Heinz in Oakland) are bands we used to gig with, like Little My, Fibulator, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Mecca Normal and Caroliner Rainbow Blah Blah Blah. I personally barely remember these several gigs we did at the Heinz. I know that Lexa was booking the place, and that we liked her. I don't remember if I'd met Peter Conheim before then, but it seems like he was always around. I'm not really sure I remember anyone taping these shows, or asking if that was okay. So cut to the late nineties, and I see in an Electro Motive catalog that a compilation LP is coming out with a Vomit Launch track on it. I probably scared Peter when I tracked him down, but in the end we let them do it as long as we had approval over the track and the mix. It's kinda fun to hear this, but it still amazes me it took eight years to come out." -LC