Boltcutters & Beer
(Rough Trade/Mad Rover 1991)
1. Theme Song
2. Kill The Bouncer
3. Curl Up And Dye
4. Go Your Own Way

5. Hospital Blunder (download bonus track)
MR 1903-7
Released on (pink) vinyl in 1991
Tracks available for download on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic

Patricia Rowland - vocals
Lindsey Thrasher - guitar/vocals
Lawrence Crane - bass
Steve Bragg - drums

Produced and engineered by John Baccigaluppi
Recorded Feb. 9, 1991 at Enharmonik Studios, Sacramento, California, in front of a live studio audience
Mixed Feb. 11, 1991, in a fit of laughter
Extra musicians: Doug Roberts (Stanky Poon) played trumpet)

Thanks to Penny Crane, Rich Hardesty, Maria Baccigaluppi, David Houston, Loud Sound (Scott, Bill & Steve), John Hanna, Rich Sheoherd, Craig Latham, Paul Basye, all the keg-bearers, and everyone who came to the show.
Cover art/layout by Rich Hardesty

Rear cover

Postcard Invite to the party! (click to enlarge)

"So here's a fun one. John's Enharmonik Studios was a huge space, so they decided to buy a keg, invite a bunch of people and have us play. We did one set of all the new songs as demos for our upcoming sessions for our fourth album, and then we did a set of odds and ends and captured them on 16-track. It was pretty fun, more kegs had to be purchased as the night went on, and you can hear my sister yelling a bunch between songs. The songs are odd choices. 'Theme Song', a.k.a. 'The Vomit Launch Theme Song', was an oldie from 1985. 'Kill the Bouncer' was off the previous album, Mr. Spench, but here you can hear it in rougher form here. 'Curl Up And Dye' would be re-recorded for our next album, and Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way' was specifically chosen to learn for this EP. In fact, some technical error by the soundguys meant that Lindsey's backing vocals were not recorded live, so she ran into the vocal booth minutes after we got off stage and recut them. I found that we had mixed a version of 'Hospital Blunder' for the 7", so we added it to the downloadable version of the EP. The funniest thing, in retrospect, was that Mad Rover spent a bunch of money and time trying to work this 7" on radio until they realized that 'Theme Song' had the word 'fuck' in it and that nobody was playing vinyl anymore. Oops." -LC